Caterra sits on the standing committee for the National Building Code of Canada.

Caterra has provided professional services in 20 countries.

 Caterra has worked with  Canadian Government agencies to provide export opportunities for Canadian homebuilders.

Caterra works with international clients to access the Canadian market.

 Caterra works with leading Canadian universities on wood frame construction and products.

 Caterra’s engineers use international knowledge to develop local cost-effective solutions.
Caterra™ is western Canada’s only consulting firm that offers turnkey professional services to the building product sector. Caterra provides small to medium sized building product manufacturers, distributors and associations with inventive marketing, sales, engineering and support services. Typically, our clients are successful manufacturers who wish to grow and diversify their customer base.  This includes international manufacturers who wish to enter the thriving Canadian market and Canadian manufacturers wishing to expand internationally.

Caterra works with innovative organizations in Canada, the United States, China, Russia, Turkey, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Caterra offers manufacturers the following services:

> Professional Engineering

Caterra provides engineering support services to Engineered Wood manufacturers, distributors and trade associations. Caterra clients can exclusively obtain a Caterra Engineering Report™ (CER™), providing evidence thay they are in compliance with the directives of the Canadian National Building Code*.  Other services offered include product code report engineering, new product development, research and development, installations details, technical literature and on-going technical support services.

> Technical Sales Professional - MSES Program - Canada
    (Alberta · British Columbia)

Caterra offers small to medium sized building product manufacturers the opportunity to engage a Caterra Professional at the fraction of the price of hiring a full-time senior sales person and engineer. The manufacturer has a choice of two (2) MSES packages. Both packages employ Caterra’s proprietary BRIDGE™ system which prepares a comprehensive marketing, sales, engineering and service support plan for your product.

> Building Product Licensing Opportunities

Caterra has unique credentials that allow its clients to leverage their local success into building product licensing opportunities. Our clients are empowered by our 22 years of product licensing experience in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Caterra has been directly involved in the sale of fifteen licensed manufacturers world wide with sales in excess of $35million USD.

Make Caterra a part of your company’s growth strategy today.

For a complimentary consultation please contact: Bradley (Brad) Parsons, P.Eng
1.855.CAT.SOLV  (228.7658)  ext. 700
*The building authority with jurisdiction has the ultimate decision on which products can be used.

Permit to practice engineering in the Province of Alberta (P10857) and British Columbia (34829).
Caterra also holds professional liability coverage.

All work is conducted under Caterra's Standard Terms and Conditions.