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CANADA – Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia 8 Million People
The Canadian housing Industry experienced a relatively modest decline in 2008 and 2009 and has since bounced back with strength. The market currently sits at ‘normal’ levels however the long term projections for Western Canada point towards a strong upswing. Western Canada is well positioned to provide commodities to the emerging markets in the upcoming decades. The provinces of Alberta and British Columbia will capitalize on the shift in major economies.

The Western Provinces

  • Canada’s largest energy provider
  • Strong fiscal position and growth
  • Low tax jurisdiction
  • Pro-business leaning government
  • Great growth potential
  • Major cities Calgary and Edmonton
  • Total population 3.6 million
British Columbia
  • Major seaports and link to Asia
  • Emerging energy provider
  • Strong fiscal position and growth
  • Global mining and forestry supplier
  • Major cities Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna
  • Total population 4.4 million

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