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The People's Republic of CHINA – 1.3 Billion People

China is the manufacturing center for goods in the world. The manufacturing sector has created enormous demand for manufacturing employees in the traditional urban centers (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong). However, China also has dozens of lesser-known cities with populations of over one million. The demand for manufacturing employees and subsequent demand for housing has caused a significant upswing in housing construction. Chinese housing inventory is mainly high rise apartments, however much of the wealthier population is now venturing into the single family home market. These conditions have created significant opportunities for North American building product manufacturers.

Caterra in China

Caterra sits on the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development committee in China and is well versed in the requirements of the central government. Caterra has successfully sold building products and services in a number of Chinese provinces.

How can Caterra assist you in China?

Caterra has proven international sales experience in China and can guide manufacturers through the intricacies of Chinese sales, distribution, product requirements and business culture.

Let Caterra provide your company with a turnkey building product solution for China.